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this eases the entire fuck out of my mind.


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Perfect Chicken : Death Anniversary.






⊰ ★ ⊱— ”Friends, we have congregated here to mourn the death of the legendary Perfect Chicken. A year ago today we suffered the loss of this beautiful piece of poultry. Let us have a moment of silence for the great, the sacred, and the irreplaceable…Perfect Chicken.”






"Poifect Chicken? Do I really wanna know what that’s ‘bout?"


⊰ ★ ⊱— “Well Toad…it’s quite a tragic story…"

[cue sad music  and pulls out a storybook]


One day, a long time ago—a year actually… Princess Peach attempted to put Bowser Koopa on a diet. As the two struggled over a salad, Bowser Junior came with…the perfect chicken. It was so beautiful…that I don’t even feel as though I should take the time to attempt to describe it. It was truly perfect.

The perfect chickenimmediately caught everyone’s eye. Including mine…Driven to taste the perfection I stole the perfect chicken from Bowser Junior. Oga Tatsumi, who also coveted the sacred chicken leg stole it from me. I had no hope of catching him…and I did not wish for him to taste the beauty if no one else could.

So I decided…to throw a blue shell at him. Hitting Oga triggered a very shounen explosion. And the perfect chicken was obliterated. And so…every year…we congreate to mourn the death…of…The pefect chicken. "

[closes story book]

Never forget…


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Perfect Chicken : Death Anniversary.

⊰ ★ ⊱— ”Friends, we have congregated here to mourn the death of the legendary Perfect Chicken. A year ago today we suffered the loss of this beautiful piece of poultry. Let us have a moment of silence for the great, the sacred, and the irreplaceable…Perfect Chicken.”

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The heart of the Rosette Nebula and its details

In the heart of the Rosette Nebula lies a bright open cluster of stars that lights up the nebula. The stars of NGC 2244 formed from the surrounding gas only a few million years ago. The above image taken in January using multiple exposures and very specific colors of Sulfur (shaded red), Hydrogen (green), and Oxygen (blue), captures the central region in tremendous detail. A hot wind of particles streams away from the cluster stars and contributes to an already complex menagerie of gas and dust filaments while slowly evacuating the cluster center. The Rosette Nebula’s center measures about 50 light-years across, lies about 4,500 light-years away, and is visible with binoculars towards the constellation of the Unicorn (Monoceros). [via APOD]

Image by Don Goldman


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Forgive him, for
                                he seems all too distracted by this
                                           strangers hair than anything else.
                                           It is not even subtle the way he reaches
                                           forward and gently grasps a small part
                                           of it to examine  and— wait, is he licking it?
                                           No matter.
                                           Only then does he let it fall, eyes never
                                           leaving their hair.


                                          “Your hair—
                                            —…I have never seen it before.”


⊰ ★ ⊱— “…..!" Her lips form into a perfect ‘O’, making her bewilderment quite apparent. However she did not gasp, nor did she flinch when the man dared to sample a lock of her hair as if it were an exotic appetizer. Perhaps the star keeper should have been alarmed rather than appalled, but his essence simply did not read as dangerous—in fact, she perceived his behavior as that of a curious child above anything else.

Well…I cannot say that I’ve ever received such a… unique greeting  before…" Rosalina murmurs, noting that the stranger was still transfixed on her flaxen hair. She took a moment to make her own observations. Curiosity was immediately sparked upon studying his appearance, and animal-like mannerisms. It was clear this person did not live within civilization. "Sir, might I ask if you live in this jungle?

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[ 👐 ]—- Independent RP blog for Disney’s Tarzan.

[ 👐 ]—- Set mainly mid and post first movie.

[ 👐 ]—- Will try to match your length when RPing.

[ 👐 ]—- 7 years of roleplay experience, about 1 or 2 on Tumblr.

[ 👐 ]—- Semi-Selective.

[ 👐 ]—- Open to AU ideas and crossovers.

[ 👐 ]—- Mun is fun and easy to talk to OOC.

[ 👐 ]—- Multiverse/Multiship though iffy with shipping.

[ 👐 ]—- Accepts all kinds of NSFW except for smut.

[ 👐 ]—- Askbox is always open.

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Envy’s Invitation


Daisy couldn’t help herself as she literally shoved the whole sandwich into her mouth. It was small so she should be fine. She just wanted an excuse to not open her mouth and say something. Because whatever her mind decided to say was just going to be a long list of insults and a few curses here and there. That’s all she wanted to say, and last thing she wanted was for that to be held against her. 

All she wanted to think about what how she wanted 10 more of the same sandwich she was eating. Of course that wasn’t to happen. She swallowed and took a deep breath.

"I would love to avoid the topic." She stated, her body shaking. "Because I have no idea who you think you are!” Oh no.

Daisy’s head snapped up to look Rosalina in the eye. Her face was red and she was definitely not happy.


"You just show up on your little spaceship or whatever all like; ‘Oh I’m going to kart race with y’all if that’s OK.’ and of course it’s OK because it’s a stupid race and you’ll just go home afterwards. But no. No! You stay here and go on adventures while I just stand in the dust. And now in you’re in the Smash Tournament?! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for my chance to do that? Do you?! Since, like, 2001 or some year like that! 13 fucking years I waited and I still never got my chance.  Why? The reason why is right in front of me!” She stated, her voice raising in anger. There was no turning back now.

"It kinda, oh I don’t know, hurts when you’ve been waiting patiently for something for over a decade and then have this one girl just show up all out of nowhere and stuff and just scoop up all your chances of ever doing what you were waiting for. Because it’s, like, what’s the point anymore? I’m not even a second choice. Or even a choice. Because apparently I’m not ‘good enough’. It’s hard being ‘good enough’ when your going against Ms. Perfect and Ms. Even-MORE-Perfect!” She gestured to Rosalina, in case she didn’t know who she was talking about. Tears were filling her eyes. The storm brewing inside her was releasing and there was no stopping it.

"Just… god dammit!" She slammed her fist on her plate, the crusts going everywhere and the plate cracking. She buried her face in her other hand. Her body shook harder, and the sniffles were coming out. But she will not cry. At least not in front of her. Definitely not in front of her.


"I’m a loser, I’m such a loser."

OK, maybe those last few sentences was a lie.

⊰ ★ ⊱— As Daisy drew a breath, Rosalina held hers. Daisy’s imminent eruption could only have been more obvious if tremors began to rock the ground beneath their feet. She would have preferred a smoother route to their rapprochement, but that ideal scenario was quickly proving to be inconceivable.  They were intrinsic opposites fire and ice, day and night. This was not meant to be easy.

As Daisy’s inflamed monologue raced to it’s climax, Rosalina found herself struggling to keep her words caged behind her lips and teeth. She desperately wanted to explain herself, but more than anything, she desired to comfort. Of course, she decided against opening her mouth. The furious rush in which the flower princess’s speech flowed made it evident that she had held her thoughts in for far too long. It was difficult to listen to, but Rosalina decided that it was best that Daisy released those tortured thoughts without interruption.

At some point, Rosalina found that the words she previously intended to say had vanished, leaving her mind completely fill itself with Daisy’s lament. The feeling of sympathy was beginning to feel a lot more like guilt, and by stars, that was much heavier than carrying pity.

The older princess found a sliver of relief when Daisy’s pained gaze finally broke away. As she buried her face into her gloved palms, Rosalina finally allowed the sigh she had been holding release.  Her own eyes found themselves up at the ceiling in a pleading manner, as if the crystals dangling from the chandeliers were stars that held the wisdom to form a simple solution. She felt her posture wilt slightly from the weight of the stress alone.

Once more, silence reclaimed it’s reign over the parlor, only rivaled by the sound of Daisy’s sniffling. In those painful moments, Rosalina wished more than ever that Daisy was a child. It had always been easy for her to talk to children. Or perhaps words would have come quicker if the two of them were truly friends. Regardless, Rosalina couldn’t help but find herself frustrated. There was no real way to heal the wound Daisy had suffered from, but above all else, she was frustrated with herself for not knowing exactly what to say.

Rosalina was always the voice of reason, and therefore she always had the perfect advice to give and the right words in mind. She was guide, the guardian, the care taker…the helping hand. Yet her hands were suddenly seemed to be in a bind, her words were likely to do more damage than good.

She decided to say nothing for quite some time for the sake of allowing Daisy to cry some of her grievances away, and to allow herself to formulate a decent response. The sands of time seem to fall like molasses through the thickened air. Not much time had passed in truth, but it seemed to be with the given circumstances. Eventually, Rosalina found her voice again.

You are not a loser. Even if you believe it to be so, that simply is not truth." She began as her eyes found themselves back on the surface of the now messy table. "You haven’t been forgotten and you never will. Peach, Luigi, Mario…everyone…they still adore you. I still adore you, Daisy. 




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Anonymous whispered: How did you come up with the idea that Rosalina's former home was the Mushroom Kingdom? Asking out of curiosity. I love that headcannon.

Well I’ve played Mario Galaxy many times and I’ve read Rosalina’s Storybook even more. Rosalina herself said that she visits her home every century. And it just so happens that the starbit festival occurs in the Mushroom Kingdom. This festival happens when a blue comet, which has been proven to be the Observatory, passes over the kingdom. Nothing is explicitly stated in the game, but I found it to be so heavily implied that I couldn’t ignore it. 

Thank you for asking this! I will definitely make an official headcanon about this that goes into more detail soon.

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A Newfound Bond


Today, like on many days in the Mushroom Kingdom, had been a day where Toadette had taken time out of her busy schedule to make her way out of Toad Town and come to visit her friends that worked in the palace for the Princess. There was so much to be seen through this wonderful place! With a little group of multicoloured Toads crowding around her, the little mushroom girl had lead them through the gardens and halls, chitchatting away before they had to get back to work!

…Now she was alone, and Toadette felt that some more company would be nice. She could go and visit Peach, but a part of her felt that she may have been far too busy to take time off today…! Despite the fact they didn’t see each other all that often, she didn’t want to be inconsiderate…

Having been distracted with contemplating, she almost bumped into someone! Stopping in her tracks, Toadette looked up. “Ah! No, I’m sorry, I was the one who—!”. She paused, realizing that the tall figure was rather familiar. The radiant space princess stood before her, and Toadette found herself a little awestruck presence. She’d only met her for the first time recently, at a Mario Kart event, but hadn’t had that much of a chance to get to know her yet!


“P-Princess Rosalina? Hello!” Toadette stammered out. “I didn’t expect to see you here…! But it’s a nice surprise, though!”

⊰ ★ ⊱— " A pleasant surprise, indeed! Princess Peach has graciously offered to have me lodge here while the Karting Tournaments are still underway. It is far more convenient than having to go to and from the Comet Observatory. ” The star keeper replied cheerfully. 

 The princess and I have been spending the majority of our time here when we aren’t on the tracks." As dull as that might have sounded, Rosalina always fancied a bit of peace after participating in all of those hectic events. It was rather nice having a sanctuary where koopa shells and Bullet Bill’s weren’t lurking around the bend.

I have never seen you in around the palace before. Are you also one of the castle employees, or do you live elsewhere?" It wouldn’t have surprised her to learn that Toadette was among the many Toads that worked in the palace. After all, she had been there for several weeks and still had yet to meet all of the staff!