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Anonymous whispered: I've heard good things about the taste of Star Bits... (And while this is said, the anon is looking contemplatively at one of the object in question)

⊰ ★ ⊱— Rosalina caught the wandering eyes her gray visitor to find that they settled on one of many sparkling jars that where she had stored her favorite treat. A smile formed at the corners of her lips as she retrieved the Star Bit jar. Despite being a tad stingy when it came to that particular food item, she was able to that aside, before opening the lid as an invitation for the Grey Face to take his fill. “Many say the taste is reminiscent of honey. I find them to be far more delightful than any worldly good I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

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Anonymous whispered: What are Power Stars made of? And how do they power the Comet Observatory?

⊰ ★ ⊱— Power Stars are composed of many of the elements that normal stars are made of, but what makes them different is that they contain the souls of living beings. Of course, this also holds true for many average stars, however all power stars contain the essence of another life. Many of the Lumas who have transformed have become Power Stars.

As for the Comet Observatory, the beacon that sits in the center of the ship is the very embodiment of the first Luma I ever met. His power serves as the core to all of the energy in my home. When Power Stars are put into the beacon, their combined power is converted into many types of different energy. This is how the Observatory receives things such as electricity and cosmic magic.”

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Anonymous whispered: Is Rosalina a pacifist?

Absolutely not. It’s funny that you asked that though—because during my first few years of playing Rosalina, I made her really passive—it was pathetic to be honest. But that just isn’t her.I later realized that she was a force to be wreckoned with, and no one who is willing to start a fight with her should underestimate her.  

Not to mention that even the most timid women usually become beasts when their children are threatened and Rosalina is no different. And she has to enjoy a good spar from time to time, otherwise she wouldn’t have accepted joining Smash Brothers. 

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Anonymous whispered: How tall are you?

Headcanon 039: Height

⊰ ★ ⊱— Ah, I knew this question would be coming my way eventually. I suppose I should let it be known, that I have the ability to make adjustments to my height. In truth, I am well over seven feet tall, although I tend to lessen my height to appear a about foot shorter. I can only assume my stature stems from receiving cosmic abilities as a child.  ”

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”.. …….” Well now. This was a certain someone he wasn’t supposed to see just yet. These two were currently punishing someone for breaking windows and here comes a holy light of the cosmos that literally brought the galaxy with her wherever she went. All around his home away from home did it begin to look like space itself as he stared into her omnipotent at least to him eye. From the walls to the ground, to the ceiling and even the decorations scattered about, it looked they were standing in a dark depths themself.

"Rosie. You actually got pretty good timing. Zap this dumbass right here who has a window breaking fetish. There’s a chocolate cake with your name on it if you do."

Harassing demonic mail carriers should be done together.


「☂」╍ Peach had been watching the entire scene play out before her very eyes from Rosalina’s spaceship. Needless to say, she was also in search of a cure to ail the boredom that had been plaguing her for days on end. She made her presence known by speaking out against the tyrant’s more aggressive course of action. That man really had no mercy when it came to others.

"Well, that’s not very kind of you." Stepping out from the ship, Peach walked towards Oga to place a hand upon his shoulder to cease the continuation of his actions.

"As much as I would love a slice of cake, I believe we can arrange for another outcome, yes? There’s no need to seriously harm this man. Perhaps he had a good reason for what he’s done. Have you tried speaking to him first?" When he failed to give a proper response in time, the princess took it upon herself to free the man from Oga’s grasp so he was no longer being suspended in the air. 

⊰ ★ ⊱— Even the great temptation of chocolate cake would not sway Rosalina to abuse a poor mail carrier. Certainly, Oga knew better—though that never truly stopped him from taking the low road in most situations. “I must say that I firmly agree with Peach." Rosalina followed up as the corners of her mouth fell into a decline. "Why don’t we release this man, and get the cake regardless.


⊰ ★ ⊱— The sparkly galaxy eye glittered with the sublime light of the cosmos, inquisitiveness, and hope for evening shenanigans. Her wisdom swiftly guided her to a young man who never failed to deliver impeccably zany hi jinks and the like. “Oga Tatsumi." Her voice ricocheted off of the walls before settling into silence. The sparkly galaxy eye intensifies. "I am bored.

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A luminous night

What shines in the world at night? Just visible to the eye, a rare electric blue glow spread along the shores of Victoria Lake on January 16, 2013. Against reflections of a light near the horizon, this digitally stacked long exposure recorded the bioluminescence of noctiluca scintillans, plankton stimulated by the lapping waves. Above, the night skies of the Gippsland Lakes region, Victoria, Australia shine with a fainter greenish airglow. Oxygen atoms in the upper atmosphere, initially excited by ultraviolet sunlight, produce the more widely seen fading atmospheric chemiluminescence. Washed out by the Earth’s rotation, the faint band of the southern summer Milky Way stretches from the horizon as star trails circle the South Celestial Pole.

Image credit & copyright: Phil Hart

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Anonymous whispered: How old are you? And how do you manage to look like you're inyour 20s if you visit the Mushroom Planet every 100 years?

⊰ ★ ⊱— Ah, it’s been quite some time since you curious gray faces have asked this particular question. Regardless, I’d be glad to explain. I am nearly fifteen hundred years old. In my youth my aging process was slowed considerably when I was first given my magical abilities and my title as Watcher of Stars. Because of this I age every century rather than every year.

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⊰ ★ ⊱—  Absolutely not. It was a complete mess…literally." Cringe

But now that I’ve gotten the chance to collect myself, I can say that I’m not upset with him. We all know how terrible the magic of the Anonymous creatures can be. I’m glad he was able to break the curse that was plaguing him—I just wish he would have found another princess to assist him. " Heavy sigh

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「☂」╍ ”Oh, dear. I’d better get the soap, water, and mouthwash. Rosie, I am so sorry you had to go through such a horrendous event.”


⊰ ★ ⊱— She sincerely appreciates Peach’s concern, but she can’t bring herself to utter a thank you. In fact, the only think she manages is a sigh and a broken “Why…?”.

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watcherofstars whispered: -casually slides chocolate cupcake his way- Only because you've had decent behavior as of late...I will acknowledge your special day. >.>


The sun solicited a single beam of light from the heavens, igniting the spot Koopa and Princess stood in a miraculous glow. Bowser stood in awe, mouth gaping, slow cumbersome breathes causing his figure to pulse— he was the perfect image of confusion and wonderment.


Rosalina, Watcher of Stars, was acknowledging kindly the existence of the world’s most sacred day… and even giving him a treat! His tail swung clumsily behind him. 

Dark Land’s King took the single cupcake flatly into his paw, staring at it like were Peach’s Castle handed to him upon a golden platter. Resistance was limited, so of course he ate the thing like a fat pig right afterward. Yet, in that moment of silence beforehand, he had offered her a genuine smile. No thank’s you could be spoken on Bowser Day— he deserved the cake after all— but it was there, somewhere in that corrupt shell.

… But, this was also a princess! A magic-anon breaking princess…

Bowser took her by the shoulders suddenly, pulled her in close and gifted her a heavy, uncalled gross slobbery kiss right on the lips, shattering the chains of cursed magic and freeing him from an endless hunger! Huzzah! 

The screams of his belly subside as the cupcake is digested, and the dimwitted beast releases the girl and pumps a grateful fist. 

"There’s a Bowser Day Treat for ya too, Baby! I owe you one! Gwahah!"

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